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Hi! Would you introduce yourself?

Clem: I'm Clementine...
Satin: Satin
Blossom: My name is Blossom

That's nice. Would you like some coffee or tea?

Clem: Yes, tea, very much...
Satin: Either one is fine, thank you
Blossom: I've never had either before, ehehe...

If you was an animal, what would you be?

Clem: I-I'd like to be a bird... Feathers are just so... Soft... And They're so pretty... *smiles*
Satin: I couldn't see myself being an animal, really. Unless you count in bed *laughs a bit*
Blossom: There's so many to chose from though!

I can imagine… What cake would you be?

Clem: Carrot cake
Satin: I think vanilla
Blossom: Cupcakes *giggles*

If you became an idol, how much fans would you have?

Clem: M-me? Fans? I-I can't imagine... That would be scary...
Satin: I don't know, but I'd rather not have people fawning over me
Blossom: *blushes* Me being an idol?...

How would your mate react if you would say "Would you marry me" down on your kneels?

Clem: It's already happened... *laughs softly* It was the most amazing feeling... I'll never forget it...
Satin: I can't imagine him doing that sort of thing. Too mushy maybe, hehe.
Blossom: I'm too young for that...

Imagine him/her to catwalk. What will happen?

Clem: *hides her blushing face* As long as it was just us in private...
Satin: *smiles a little* That's a funny thought... I doubt he'd ever do it though. His head is bloated with dignity
Blossom: He might trip so I wouldn't want him to do that

Now questions about your feelings and thoughts towards him/her.
What did you think when you saw him/her first time? What was your first impression of him/her? 

Clem: Someone I needed to protect and love for as long as I possibly could...
Satin: Bold. Cocky. Handsome. A complete and utter asshole and that's probably what drew me in...
Blossom: Very cute and sweet and I always felt like a fool around him, even though he can't see me...

What are the best features in him/her?

Clem: Everything... But I really like his hands and arms... They're wonderful and make me feel safe when he holds me...
Satin: I can't say it here *laughs* But really, there's some things about his face that just... Get me
Blossom: His personality, and his smile that I see so little of... *smiles and blushes*

What are the nastiest features?

Clem: Maybe his anger... But it's something that I can help him with. And it's always justified...
Satin: For other people maybe it's his jealousy. But that's what I love about him. It makes me feel safe and appreciated
Blossom: He definitely has none

What do you think, would he/she kill?

Clem: *coughs awkwardly*
Satin: Definitely. I mean for god's sake look at his job
Blossom: I really really would hope not!...

If would, then why?

Clem: To people he thinks deserve punishment or getting revenge...
Satin: For his job. Or if they ever hurt me.

Could you see him/her in marriage with someone?

Clem: N-no one but me... Please...
Satin: I would hope me but if he wanted someone else, then... That's his decision...
Blossom: Maybe me some day if he wants it... *looks down shyly*

Seme or uke? Tell us why.

Clem: We t-take turns but it's usually him who starts it... Usually...
Satin: He prefers top. He's too embarrassed to let me be *smirks*
Blossom: Uhm...

Hero or villain? And again, why?

Clem: Icey is a hero... I guess that makes me his sidekick... *giggles softly*
Satin: I'd be a useless sidekick to a cocky superhero. *smiles* I guess I could be a sexy villain too
Blossom: I don't wanna be a villain so hero

"No pain, no gain." Would he/she say that?

Clem: I would think not? It sounds a little harsh knowing what he's been through...
Satin: He'd probably expect me to say that
Blossom: I think it depends on the situations

That's interesting… Have you ever discover him/her from embarrassing situations?

Clem: Yes... *blushes* He's really cute when he's embarrassed...
Satin: As much as I try to, he's never embarrassed. or he's that good at hiding it
Blossom: He gets shy sometimes but it's never that bad and it's usually both of us... *giggles*

Everyone has some weakness. Which are chinks in his/her armour?

Clem: Again, maybe his anger. You can easily set him off. He's like a time bomb if someone lets him be...
Satin: He doesn't need armour with magic
Blossom: His sight definitely holds him back... But it's not a bad thing! I just have to help him

Has he/she ever been broken-hearted?

Clem: I know he has... But I won't let him be ever again
Satin: I would think not. He's too tough. He'd probably hide it from me anyways
Blossom: I hope not and if he has I don't wanna think about it... I'll keep him safe from now on

What makes him/her extremely happy?

Clem: Spending time with his family...
Satin: Either his job or quality time with me
Blossom: I hope I do... *smiles*

What he/she would never say publicly but has told to you about it?

Clem: His past definitely
Satin: He doesn't tell me any more than he would tell someone in public, usually
Blossom: We're just getting to the secrets part of our relationship...

Before this ends…
Should we tell him/her about this interview?

Clem: I guess so...
Satin: I don't mind
Blossom: Go ahead?

Thank you for interview. Could you tag someone before you leave?


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